New York Inspired Kindle Fire Covers

These Kindle Fire covers a great addition to available Kindle covers. Before these, the only way to get avisually appealing cover was to pick a Kindle skin. Because skins offer little in the way of protection, they aren’t for everyone. Now you can have a truyl beautiful and protective cover all in one. At this point there are two Kindle Fire covers to choose from with more hopefully on the way.

NY Times Kindle Fire Covers

The photos used for the Kindle Fire covers are taken from the New York Times Photo Archive. Inside the cover has a microfiber covering and a 4 corner mounting system. Because the covers are produced by Verso, it utilizes their patent pending elastic strap system to secure your Kindle Fire. There is also a small pocket inside.

Both of the covers are lightweight and designed specifically for the Kindle Fire, with cover dimensions of: 5.7 inches by 0.7 inches by 8.1 inches. Each cover ways the exact same, weighing in at 3.2 ounces. ¬†Verso offers a number of Kindle Fire covers including a handful of covers which have a classic book cover design. Each one of their covers looks great and offers the same features inside (lining, 4 corner system, etc.). Below are the pictures for each of the covers. Below each image click “read more” to find out more about the cover.

Liberty Face Kindle Fire Cover


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Price: $39.99

Brooklyn Bridge Kindle Fire Cover


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Price: $39.99

Covers for the Kindle Fire will become available when the Kindle Fire is released on November 15th. As I said for the Kindle Touch covers it is better to order a cover sooner than later as each batch will have limited numbers. And if the release of the Kindle Fire or Kindle Touch are anything like the new Kindle 4, many covers will sell out again.

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