Most Read Kindle Cover Reviews- November 2011

November marked another great month for Kindle owns and Kindle cover reviews here on In months past I’ve done monthly recap posts, but for November I wanted to change it up and do a quick write up for the 5 most visited Kindle cover reviews from November. This does not include the Black Friday & Cyber Monday posts which were in the top three technically. This list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

Most Visited Kindle Cover Reviews

Kindle Fire Cover Guide
I waited a few days after the Kindle Fire release to launch the Kindle Fire Cover Guide. I did this to see the first batch of user reviews so I could add the additional resources to the guide. The guide goes over a number of Kindle Fire Covers. Along with the guide, there are also links to a number of Kindle cover reviews for the Fire.

Kindle Touch Cover List
So you want the best Kindle Touch covers? This list is it. I originally launched the post in October, however after receiving a number of positive emails about the post (thanks everyone!) I wanted to have another go at it. The new post still includes 7 Kindle Touch covers, however I dropped a few of the covers that weren’t as great as they were cut out to be and added additional resource links.

Amazon Lighted Kindle Touch Cover Reviews
This post was a must for me and I knew it would be helpful and the number of views and emails tell me it was. Like Amazon’s Lighted Kindle Cover for previous models, this cover creates much buzz. It has a steep price tag ($59.99) but it’s worth it when compared to piecing together your own lighted cover. This post includes two user reviews I found helpful, along with the direct link to the cover’s Amazon user review page. Read the Kindle Touch Lighted Cover Review Recap.

Cheap Kindle Cover List
At first it was hard finding cheap covers for the new lineup of Kindles. After some research and some time on the market, I found a number of cheap covers for the new Kindle 4, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. This Cheap Kindle Cover Post includes 7 covers. Everyone put 1 is under 15 dollars.

Kindle 4 Cover Review Videos
I’m big on finding Kindle cover reviews from a number of sources in varied formats. By in large the Kindle 4 has been the hardest model to track down covers and reviews. Simply because the Kindle is being referred to as so many things “Kindle”, “new Kindle”, “Kindle 4″, “4th Generation Kindle”, etc.  After a lot of digging around I found two great Kindle 4 cover video reviews. One for the Belkin Leather Kindle 4 Cover and the second for a Kindle 4 Sleeve by Timbuk2.

There you have it the most popular Kindle cover reviews from November. If you are still searching for additional reviews, simply click on reviews for your Kindle model in the sidebar. And as always if you find this post or helpful please share it!

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