Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Cover Reviews

When it comes to lighted Kindle covers, Amazon’s offering is one of the best around. It is no fluke that that 3rd Generation Kindle lighted cover had over ten-thousand reviews that all together averaged over 4 stars. I briefly went over Amazon’s Kindle Touch Lighted Cover in a recap of Amazon’s Case Lineup, so today I will keep the description short and focus more on the reviews.

Amazon’s Kindle Touch Lighted Cover


[Note: I've also added a post with Black Friday & Cyber Monday Kindle Cover Deals. Along with covers, there are also other Kindle accessories included too!]

One of the first things you will notice about the Kindle Touch Lighted Cover by Amazon is it is priced higher ($59.99) than most of the standard leather Kindle Touch covers. Now some have complained that the price point is too high, however its in the middle of the road if you break it down. Aside from Amazon’s Lighted Kindle Touch Cover, there are 4  price options if you want to build your own lighted cover:

It is important to note that the above isn’t a science, just an estimate. Also be aware that going with the cheaper options does have its pros & cons (mostly features/functionality).  The last thing before I get into the Kindle Touch lighted cover reviews, below is a quick description of Amazon’s Lighted Cover. For a more complete review, you can read this post or view their cover’s listing on Amazon. Here is a brief description:

  • Available in black, brown, green and purple.
  • Powers up via the Kindle Touch’s battery.
  • Weights just 2 ounces more than Amazon’s leather cover.
  • Small led reading light positioned just above the Kindle Touch.
  • No strap secure design for 360 degree fit around the Touch.

Lighted Kindle Touch Cover Reviews

Let’s get into the user reviews I found on Amazon. Currently the average review rating is 3.5, and to be honest I was surprised it was that high. Now I wasn’t surprised because the case is an awful piece of junk, instead I was surprised because a number of the initial reviews weren’t even from people who owned the case. Before the cover even started to ship, users posted reviews complaining about color options and even the new design. That’s why it is important to note that there are a number of user reviews which really aren’t that useful at all, which is something you won’t catch me saying too often. I think user reviews and video reviews help add a new dimensions to reviews so I value them greatly.

I wont overdue it because you can find the whole list of reviews for yourself here. So below are 2 reviews I found quite helpful.

Review 1: Cost comparison vs piecing your own lighted cover together

“I own a Kindle 2, 1 Kandle light, 1 Amazon black cover, 1 Marware green cover and 1 lear plastic snap on cover. At the end I realized that if I had purchased the Amazon cover first and left it alone I would have saved money. This time I will buy what I want the first time and close my eyes to the other collectables…” keep reading

Review 2: Owns similar case for Kindle Keyboard

“I would buy this case if I were buying a Kindle Touch 3G. I have a similar case for the Kindle Keyboard 3G. I love it. I always have my light… it is always “charged” because my Kindle powers it. Yes, its a heavy case, but it is very protective. Yes, using the light does wear down the battery but it will still last all day…” keep reading

The Amazon Kindle ouch Lighted Cover is available for $59.99 on Amazon. Each color is available from one page.

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