Kindle Fire Case Stand Review

Kindle Fire case stands are no different that previous Kindle case stands. This style of cover allows Kindle users to take a reading stand with them where ever they go. Unlike freestanding¬†Kindle stands, case stands take up little room and won’t leave you carrying another accessory. This particular cover stand by Marware, the C.E.O. Hybrid is a leather folio style cover and is available in four colors.

Marware Kindle Fire Case Stand Review


Marware has a range of Kindle covers available including this one I reviewed for the Kindle 4. The C.E.O. Hybrid can position a Kindle Fire at one of two angles. There is also an elastic hand strap located on the back of the cover. Unlike other Marware covers, this one does not have a 4 corner strap elastic set up. Instead it has a 6 point harness system- 2 points at each corner of the high side when the Kindle stand is in use and one on each corner at the bottom side.

If you look a little closer at the picture above you can see the top corner mounts. When the cover is in one of the two stand positions the bottom corner mounts are located at the back of the cover.

The C.E.O. Hybrid Kindle Fire Case Stand (6.1 ounces) is not as light as their MicroShell case stand for the Kindle Fire, however the MicroShell is not leather. To securely close the case when you are not using your Kindle, there is a small elastic strap. This goes behind the back of the device when you are using your Kindle Fire.

How Much?

Many of the Kindle Fire covers available tend to cost 35 to 40 dollars. The Marware C.E.O. Hybrid costs just a little more at $44.99. Each of the colors (black, brown, green and pink) cost the same.

To learn more about Marware check out their about page. If you are looking for more Kindle Fire covers, check out these two Kindle Fire covers that use images from the New York Time’s Photo Archive.

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