Leather Amazon Kindle Cover With Light

It should come as no surprise that Amazon provides a variety of Kindle Covers to go with the Kindle eReader. But what many are unaware of is Amazon actually produces their own Kindle Covers. If you aren’t impressed yet maybe the 6500+ reviews that average 4.5 of 5 stars will get your attention. And When I say reviews I mean serous reviews- plenty of which could qualify as a solid blog post review. Let’s dig into Amazon’s lineup of Leather Kindle Covers With Light.

Amazon Kindle Cover Basics

  • Fits Kindle 3
  • Leather Amazon Kindle Cover With Light Weights About 8 oz
  • Total Weight (Cover with Kindle 3) Just Under 1 lb
  • Dimensions 7.75″ by 5.2″ by .75″
  • Colors Available- Black, Orange, Brown, Pink, Blue & Green
  • Light Powered By Kindle 3 (no batteries needed)

Lighting Concerns


[Update: I've added a post with 2 user review videos I found to be the most helpful.] Simply put if you are buying a case with a light you want the light to work right? Me too. So I wanted to focus a section specifically on the lighting the case provides. Because the light is located in the top corner of the case, the concern does arise that the lighting won’t be 100 percent even. This isn’t the end of the world (for most) as long as the lighting is good in the areas farthest from the light.

Since this issue of lighting is predominantly based on personal opinion regarding “What is enough/even lighting?”, the reviews vary to some degree. At any rate the lighted leather case has to be doing something right with 4500+ 5 star reviews to about 180 1 star reviews. To put this into perspective here are 2 different takes on the Kindle Cover’s lighting.

Review #1

This review is in depth to say the least and covers two main issues- weight and lighting. The overall rating by this user is 5 of 5 stars. I’d recommend reading the whole review but for now here is an excerpt:

Amazon’s pictures don’t do this case justice. The light hits the ENTIRE screen. Yes if you look closely it’s brighter in the top right corner then in the bottom left but Amazon’s pics make it look the top is lighted while the bottom is dark. There is good light all over the screen. Trust me I’m fussy about these things – the lighting will not bother you, your entire screen will be lighted and it is extremely pleasant to read in the dark.

Review #2

Now its on to a more critical review of the Amazon’s Kindle Cover With Light. This time around the overall rating by this user is 3 of 5 stars. Again another review that is worth a quick read, so let’s get to the excerpt:

The problem is that the new Kindle 3 cover+light does not evenly light the screen. This results in a very bright top right corner, including the top right of the frame of the Kindle 3. And while the light doesn’t glare off the screen, it does glare off my graphite Kindle 3′s top right corner, making for constant distraction while reading.

If you are still undecided about Amazon’s Leather Cover With Light, check out more reviews or consider one of the Lighted Kindle Covers below:

Still searching for more Kindle cover reviews? Here is a leather Kindle cover (no reading light) from CrazyDigital which does for under $20. Speaking of leather cases here is a review of a leather Kindle 3 case stand.

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